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TCM Vs Western Medication     

Western Medication cures diseases by using external forces. TCM on other hand attempts to reinforce and stimulate body's internal strength to cure disease.

Western Medication is based on the theory that disease is caused by bacterial and other external means. TCM believes that disease is basically caused by the "weakning state" of a body as a whole.

As a result, western medication may cure diseases more effectively and quickly. But at the same time it may cause temprorary or permanent damage to the internal system of a patient. TCM may take longer time to cure a disease but it strengthens the overall health of a patient. Many western medical practitioners start to use TCM to offset the side effect due to the toxic medication or sometime they turn to TCM when there is no cure for certain types of diseases.


Because the human body requires a wide variety of nutrient to be at its healthy best.
Because many diets do not provide the density and diversity of nutrients needed to assure optimal health and energy.
Because modern food processing strips important nutrients and true and true minerals from packaged food which are increasingly the staple of our busy lifestyle diets
Because nutrients can become depleted by physical or emotional stress and must be replenished.
Because some substances which are critical for normal physiological function can not be manufactured by the body and may be deficient in the diet.
They are essential for our optimal health.